This Baby Won't Swim Today

The fact that snowmobiles can ride on water is no secret, but such a stunt must be performed pretty well, lest the huge sled sinks like a rock.
Since the only thing keeping a snowmobile afloat is the trust of the track, it's very easy to figure out that the engine must be revved to the max when hitting the water, so the track can push the sled forward.

Well, on papers everything seems just fine and not that hard a task, but once in mid-air and heading towards the surface of the lake, reality may differ.

Here's a very nice, fast snowmobile jump from the high bank of a lake failing in a pretty funny way as the sled loses grip (can we mention grip while in water, by the way?) and sinks just feet after landing. Luckily, it sounds like the rider manages to hit the kill switch just in time, before the engine sucks in water. Silly, but terribly funny and hardcore. Hear the guy in the end, laughing about the Poolaris?
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