This American Flying Car Is the 1,000th Design Registered in the World eVTOL Directory

The H1-X by Doroni Aerospace is the 1,000 design in the World eVTOL Directory 7 photos
Photo: Doroni Aerospace
The Vertical Flight Society (VFS) took a historic step when it launched its World eVTOL Aircraft Directory. This month, it officially marked the 1,000th design registered in this unique Directory, and it happens to be the H1-X two-seat personal electric aircraft developed by Doroni Aerospace, headquartered in Coral Springs.
VFS can be considered a double pioneer in aviation. Back in the 1940s, under the name of the American Helicopter Society, it supported the emerging helicopter industry. Decades later, it became one of the first to embrace the futuristic helicopter counterparts known as electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (eVTOLs).

VFS was the first to hold an eVTOL workshop, and it's been a decade since that historic event. Later, it started working on the genius idea of registering all the existing concepts in this innovative field as a way to keep track of technological progress and keep the enthusiastic public up to date. That's how the Directory was born.

The numbers grew remarkably fast, going from 100 designs in 2018 to 1,000 this year. Hundreds of models were added every year. Still, we're not talking about 1,000 eVTOL models that are gearing up to enter service; the Directory contains all the designs born along the way to reach a commercially viable formula, known as "historic designs," and even concepts that were eventually abandoned, like Volocopter's single-seat aircraft. Plus, this comprehensive catalog isn't limited to companies in the industry but extends to research institutions, government agencies, and even regular folks who designed their own green aircraft.

All of this explains this large number of eVTOL designs; only a few of them are actually meant for the market, and even fewer are able to make it to the finish line in terms of getting the official green light for commercial service.

One of the bold companies hoping to get there is Doroni Aerospace. Its flagship aircraft, H1-X, happened to mark the 1,000 design registered in the VFS Directory after being added this month.

The H1-X is one of the few eVTOLs presenting itself not as an air taxi but as a personal aircraft designed to fit inside a two-car garage. Described as both a flying car and a multi-rotorcraft, this two-seater features ducted fans, two sets of wings, and a state-of-the-art safety system, including anti-collision sensors and an aircraft ballistic parachute.

As a fully-electric aircraft, it's designed to cover up to 60 miles (96 km) on a full charge. It can also be easily towed on a trailer, and, most importantly, it only requires a driver's license and a pilot certificate for Light Sport Aircraft.

The H1-X is currently available for pre-order, with the first deliveries scheduled for 2026 and a $350,000 price tag.
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