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THINK City Available in the Alps

The Scandinavian electric vehicle (EV) maker, THINK, and its Swiss distribution partner, M-Way, have joined forces with eco-tourism developer Alpmobil to provide visitors to resorts in the Swiss Alps a carbon-free transport alternative for their vacation.

A fleet of 60 THINK City EVs is offered in the Goms and Haslitai region of the Swiss Alps, with the vehicles being available for rent through a network of 30 hotels, resorts and other top touristic spots. Customers will be able to hire the vehicles for a rate of EUR45 per day ($60).

When we announced our partnership with M-Way we talked of the innovative and alternate route-to-market offered by such a forward-thinking and pioneering group – this is perfect evidence in action of that philosophy and we are very proud to be a part of this new approach to eco-tourism.  We look forward to speaking to similar-minded companies and resorts in other countries wishing to be a part of this sustainable revolution,” said THINK CEO, Richard Canny.

The vehicles can be charged using a network of 20 battery charging points that use renewable hydroelectric electricity. This comes from local mountain waters, reservoirs and dams.

This initiative is a perfect example of this, and as the EVs are powered by locally sourced renewable electricity, the offer boasts 100% carbon-free transportation to explore the beautiful and unspoilt valleys, mountains and pass roads in the region of Goms and Haslital,” added Daniel Hofer, Migrol CEO and project head at M-Way.

We’ll remind you that the THINK City is a purpose-built EV that can travel at highway speeds and offers a driving range of 100 miles (160 km) per charge.


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