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The Moment This Rider Realizes He Lost His Helmet Camera

Modern technology has made video cameras so compact you can stick one to your helmet or motorcycle to go ride freely and record your adventures or accidents. But do you know how to properly secure on to your lid?
Rider lost his camera 1 photo
More and more riders can be seen these days rocking action cameras on their helmets. Be it for recording their rides to study their lines, motovlog or simply have some proof when an accident happens, there is a strong market for these devices.

But if the cameras themselves have greatly evolved, the way they can be stuck to a helmet basically revolves around some strong double-sided sticky tape. That’s if you don’t want to create your custom rig, or drill holes through your shell and compromise its strength.

Whatever the case, you should not rush the process of adding a cam to your helmet as you might end up losing it three miles down the road from day one. First of all, closely study your helmet’s shape and find the ideal spot where the sticky bit can be best seated.

Avoid sticking it over a crease or an uneven surface as it will not make the most out of the sticking surface. Also, if you plan on riding fast, avoid mounting your helmet to the sides of the helmet, especially if it’s a bulky rectangular one. The front of the helmet, right on the chin bar area is the best place to put one.

Else, you might find yourself in the same posture as this rider who found out his camera was missing after arriving at a friend’s house. He went back and traced the place where he lost it, but the device had been obliterated by the high-speed fall on the asphalt.

The reaction on his face at the moment of realizing his loss is priceless. We hope he learned a good lesson and will take care with his next one.


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