The First Video Taken Inside a Front Wheel Drive BMW

BMW i8 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
We know some of you might say that the i8 is not a front wheel drive car. That would be partially true. The i8 is all-wheel drive when it needs to and front wheel drive when it's on the all-electric eco mode.
A lot has been said about the i8, since BMW decided to invite some editors to their testing facility in Sweden. A very nice gesture from the Bavarian manufacturer, moreover since the new i8 will be an iconic car in the history of motorized transportation, let alone BMW's.

The new thing about what the guys from EVO managed to do is the fact that they got to film from inside the car. That means it is the first time we get to hear the 1.5-liter engine at work. We have to admit is sound rather impressive and not at all as we expected.

However, this is not the final sound the engine will have. According to the BMW official that was driving the car, the final version of the car might have a modified sound, especially for the BMW fanatics, to make you feel good while driving it.

There won't be a lack of power in the i8. The combined output of the conventional motor and the electric ones will go up to 335 HP and around 550 Nm of torque. That's not extremely much but, combined with the car's minimal weight of around 1,400 kg it should make the i8 a proper sportscar.

Another interesting thing we can deduce from the video is how quiet the car runs when it's on electric mode only. Actually you only get to hear the engine when accelerating hard enough. Other than that you'll only hear the tires on the road surface and the wind.

An amazing feature is the way the car seamlessly changes between power sources. When driving in eco mode, only the electric motor is running. When driving in sports mode all engines as working together. That has been done before. What's new is the fact that if you keep the car in normal mode, it will run on what you need.

If you decide you need to accelerate quickly, the 1.5-liter internal combustion engine will fire up immediately giving you the boost you need. After that you just want to cruise along, the electric engine car take over without you having to press any buttons.

Other cars like this will probably cost a lot more. The Porsche 918 Spyder will be released this year but the price tag for that car will be considerably higher than BMW's rumored €100,000. Also the Enzo replacement will be a hybrid supercar and will have a price tag of €1,000,000. That is 10 times more.

The i8 on the other hand will be a everyday sports car. The 500 kilometers total autonomy and the 35 km electric autonomy will prove to be extremely useful when used on a daily routine and it will provide the driver with the much needed comfort he wants when cruising around town.

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