The First Energica Ego Electric Superbike to Be Delivered to Dealers

E-performance is the first motorcycle dealership in the world to receive an Energica Ego superbike. This is probably one of the longest-expected moments in the history of Energica, as the machine has confronted numerous delays during the past two or three years.
Energica Ego 1 photo
Energica is so far rather secretive as to what other dealers will receive the Ego machines next. It is known that Energica's sales network is still in its infancy, and back in March we reported on how the Italian manufacturer was on the lookout for investors to help grow the number of Energica retailers.

Spring brought confirmation for dealerships in Canada, Switzerland (E-Performance being the retailer in the Canton of Ticino), and the Netherlands. We saw both the Ego and its naked version Eva in ready-to-roll trim at EICMA last November, and then bikes were rumored to start manufacturing in February 2015.

It looks like the past six months were fruitful and Energica will finally start to make money from actually selling motorcycles. The Ego is expected stateside soon , as well, as it's been long enough since the bike cleared inspections from the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and was deemed legal for sales in the US.
The bike is more expensive than the Empulse TT, but performance has its say
Energica can be taeken home for €25,000 + taxes. A direct conversion using today's rates yields $27,275, but overseas things are dfferent. The manufacturer lists a price of $34,000+taxes, so we can expect the US riders have a tough time choosing between going all sporty and saving some money.

Pricewise, a comparison with Zero machines or Victory's $20,000 Empulse TT is not exactly wise, because Ego is a pure sportbike, and its specs that are hard to be matched by the aforementioned manufacturers. Choice, in this case is not exactly a matter of budget, but a matter of how sporty one wants to feel while riding a machine with zero emissions.

One of the strong selling points of the bike is also its glorious charging time. Using the high-power charger, Energica's battery fills up to 80 percent in an incredible 30 minutes, while using the standard one it will go to 95% in 3.5 hours.


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