The First Bike Lock That Fights Back Will Soon be on the Market

The problem with two-wheeled vehicles is that they tend to get stolen even when they are secured with locks and chains. However, this startup company plans on launching the first U-lock that fights back.
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Photo: screenshot from YouTube
Traditional locks can be quite easily torn apart using an angle grinder, and bike thieves’ courage went on such a high level they will risk and try to cut them even during daylight in a public place.

However, Daniel Idzkowski is here, and his solution is a U-lock that fights back. The Skunklock, as it is named, looks like your regular immobilizing device, but if you try to cut it or compromise the lock, it will suddenly release a nasty substance.

The Skunklock is a hardened medium-carbon steel U-lock that is as difficult to compromise as the strongest other product on the market. However, if a thief manages to break it a pressurized noxious chemical deterrent kept inside will burst out and induce vomit in the majority of cases.

Its designer says the Skunklock is safe, and was designed to never expose the noxious chemicals inside during normal operation. The only way to release the vomit-inducing stank is by cutting it down.

The Indiegogo page also claims the Skunklock is legal, with the startup company having been taken the necessary precautions to ensure the device stays within the law. Last year, it conducted a survey of state laws within the U.S regarding the sale and ownership of the product and found out there are a few states that might be against it as the chemical within the U-lock contains capsaicin.

Even so, the company says they will make an alternative skunky formula that isn’t based on capsaicin to ship the product to those states too.

The Skunklock project got funded 262 percent and is allegedly starting to put the product into production, with deliveries being estimated to take place in June.

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