The Czech Bike Parking Method Still Has Flaws

Hopefully I am not too wrong when I say that the guys in this funny video are speaking a language resembling to the Czech one. So, where's the catch?
Well, there is really no catch, as the guy playing Parking Hero in this footage doesn't seem to catch the Honda, seemingly a Fireblade. While the purpose of this failed stunt was clearly to do a reversed burnout, the implementation of the technique was bitterly flawed.

He definitely could try this with a solid wall behind his back, so the bike, after getting out of control eventually, would not crash through the garage door, carrying the rider with it. Having the front wheel of the bike several inches away from the said sold wall could also provide the amateur stunt rider (or is it catcher?) to learn about how strong the throttle should be, and all.

It looks like there's more R&D to the Czech bike parking method, anyway. I am no language expert, so don't snap at me if the guys are not Czech. At least I didn't say they're Russian, like half the Internet do when listening to something other than plain English.


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