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The Concrete Mixer Motorcycle Looks Silly but Could Go a Million Miles on a Tank

They say that, on many occasions, adventure means taking the improper gear to some places. Even though doing this could also result in taking unnecessary, and sometimes stupid risks, in this case, is all fun and games.
The Concrete Mixer Motorcycle 1 photo
Building a three-wheeled motorcycle using a small concrete mixer is not the type of custom bike we run into every day. We say bikes made from beer crates, and some of them were incredibly fast, and we saw mobility scooters turned into record-breaking machines, but concrete mixers just weren't on the list. Not that we ever thought about adding them.

However, such things DO exist and they also work. A trike made from a mixer, retaining the overall attire (including the orange color) and sounds crazy and looks even crazier, but it is as real as it gets.

Judging by the sound it makes, the engine appears to be a two-stroke lump, and in case it is an 125cc unit, we are already smiling, because those mills are fun.

Surely, stability IS a huge problem for this contraption and its trike architecture apparently lacking any suspension is clearly not comfort-oriented. Likewise, turning at anything but a low speed reveals the sky-high high-side potential of the bike, too.

Still, using the mixer as a makeshift fuel tank could provide a huge range for this uncanny vehicle. Of course, making use of such a range requires a ride that is immune to pain and muscular cramps, but these guys will appear when you expect it the least.

All in all, this is both creative and crazy, while mixing a fun approach with a good dose of danger. In a way, the perfect radical bike. We'd certainly like to see it wheelie!


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