The Bike Lock That Fights Back With Stench Just Got Funding On Indiegogo

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SkunkLock presentation on IndiegogoSkunkLock presentation on IndiegogoSkunkLock presentation on IndiegogoSkunkLock presentation on Indiegogo
Discovering that your bike was stolen is awful. In some cities, it happens more often that you would imagine. Unfortunately, there are no effective theft deterrents, as almost everything has a flaw that makes it easy to crack.
A team from San Francisco has had the same problem, but they claim to have a solution. It is called Skunklock, and it just surpassed its $20,000 flexible goal on Indiegogo. While the name of the product does not entirely explain its functionality, it does provide a hint about the capabilities of the device.

In short, Skunklock is a theft deterrent for bicycles, mopeds, and motorcycles. Instead of a conventional U-shaped lock, this device has a unique color scheme, made to set it apart in the eyes of potential thieves. Its name is even printed on the case. At this point, one might presume that the product is just another marketing trick.

The cool part about this device is the way it is designed to operate. Whenever someone attempts to break it to steal the object that is tethered to it, the SkunkLock will release a powerful odor. The potential thief cannot escape from the smell by using a gas mask, claim the makers of the SkunkLock.

Furthermore, they say that all clothes worn by the assailant must be thrown away. We would suggest burning them. The lock is designed to be safe for its user and whoever has the key, and it has been tested to survive many years of wear and tear.

The coolest part about this bike lock is that does not need electronics. It just has a pressurized gas that makes whoever tries to crack it to get sick. Its makers say that it makes people vomit, but we trust them on that claim.

At this point, you might be wondering if this is legal. The answer is yes, because the team has taken the time to inquire with American authorities and their homologs in other countries that are severely affected by bike thefts.

After all, only the thief will be affected, and the damage is not life threatening. It will just make them sick, and other criminals will know about the system from the news, which will make the device efficient without it being damaged by theft attempt.

The cheapest one costs $99 including shipping, but this one is already sold out. It is worth noting that the makers of the device remind everyone that any U-Lock can be cut in about a minute, and this applies to the SkunkLock. However, can you cut something that releases an unbearable stench? We did not think so.
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