Thai Police Want to Put the Brakes on DUI with Fake Crash Sites

All sorts of campaign against drunken driving have been made across the world but the cases of DUI don't seem to have come to an end. Perhaps the Thailand police's initiative of this kind will prove more successful...

Thai Police is struggling really hard to deter motorists from drunken driving so, they have erected fake sites showing fatal crashes like the one you can see in the picture. Their intention is to scare the hell out of locals and put the brakes on drunken driving in this way, jalopnik reported.

Web sites with wrecked cars following seemingly fatal accidents where people died are very common at high schools across the country. Thai Police only want to remind the teenagers the risks of using alcohol and then get behind the wheel.

We don't know whether such a campaign works or not in their country but to be honest, we have seen better and we still stumble upon an alarming number of DUI incidents even among stars who are supposed to be role models for ordinary people.

The truth is that are too many people who think that drinking a few beers and then driving home is ok, so the battle to change mentalities announces really tough. In fact, this kind of people don't get scared if they see such terrifying images because they always think: “This just can't happen to me!” And this is how they go on with their dangerous idea until they find out THIS could happen to them as well.

The tragic part is that innocent people die in such crashes so, what is it to be done about that? Something tells us that divine justice doesn't help in these cases either. So, as extreme as it may seem, one thing that could deter motorists from drunken driving would be incredibly severe punishments when they are busted including a lifetime ban from getting behind the wheel.
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