Taxi Manages to Crash Two Scooters in One Turn

It's Asia time again, and after watching the loose way most people drive in this part of the world, the present movie is small surprise. First of all we could not help the elegant but utterly illegal u-turn across two pedestrian crossings (or is such a maneuver legal there) of a mini van. Should a cop see you doing this in Europe, he'll most likely cut your driving license in thin slices on the spot...
Well, so much for u-turns, let's see how a simpler maneuver can cause extensive damage. Now, if you're playing with a full deck, you should be on the leftmost lane prior to turning left, wouldn't you? Not if you're this taxi driver, anyway.

You could turn left from whichever lane you choose, or for what's worth, happen to be in. Traffic approaching from behind? As long as it's not an 18-wheeler full of cement doing 100 to blow you to smithereens, it's alright. As for the scooter riders... they look ok, thankfully.

By the way, do driving licenses get suspended in Asia, too?
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