Taxi Driver Blocking an Ambulance Gets Instant Punishment from Other Drivers

You know, it’s easy to say “Russians, what would you expect?” But had this clip been muted and had the scenery looked different, you wouldn’t be able to tell where it’s happening.
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Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
The sad truth is that there are douchebags everywhere, and for some unknown reason, many of them choose to drive a cab for a living. No idea why, I’m just here to observe and not find the answer to this very important question that’s been haunting humanity ever since the first man asked the other man who had just climbed aboard his horse carriage “where to, boss?”

But this clip isn’t about the taxi driver. It isn’t about the stupidity of this little man who refused to let the ambulance get in his lane even though it was in front, had the turning indicator on and was also flashing its blue lights. These facts were not enough to convince the man in the yellow car that maybe, just maybe, it would be better this time to just lay off the gas and allow the other car to slip in front.

This unnecessary competitiveness shown by the cabby is exactly the sort of trait displayed by people who are said to make great CEOs. This guy, though, won’t be running any sort of company any time soon - it’s a miracle he can tie his own shoelaces, if you ask me.

But I digress. I was saying that the clip isn’t about the cab driver and his behavior, and I still believe that. For me, at least, it’s about the people’s reaction. Bear in mind these are people who see a lot of F-ed up things everyday as they make their way through the crazy Russian traffic. And yet, what this bozo did was just too much, enough to make three men who had nothing to do with the situation get out of their cars and explain to the taxi driver that he’s an idiot.

The fact that they used minimal violence (he only gets pushed a little while being shown to his car) is another plus to these three vigilantes. The thing that made them leave the comfort of their vehicles and face that despicable man is called rage. Being furious enough to confront him, yet sufficiently composed as to not apply any serious physical corrections, now that’s self-control level 2,000. Great job, guys.

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