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T-Rex Owned by Justin Beiber Sold on eBay

Celebrity ownership is supposed to add value to any car, but is that always true? When somebody if only famous because millions of teenage girls scream out his name, it would be hard to believe said teen females have the financial power to but said celebrity-owned vehicle.
Justin Bieber's T-Rex 1 photo
Case in point: this 2007 Campagna T-Rex 14R, which used to belong to none other than Justin Bieber, who sold it last year. Now, the trike has turned up on eBay,where it sold for $35,000. That might sound like a lot for a car with no doors and one less wheel, but we did a little checking, and a brand new T-Rex 14R costs $58,349.

We found a video of the very T-Rex sold on eBay, most likely taken just before it was sold. As you can see, it’s got “JB” written all over it and the tagline “make your own luck”. We definitely wouldn’t want to be seen in that thing!

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