Spyshots: All-Electric BMW X1

Electric BMW X1 6 photos
Photo: CarPix
All-Electric BMW X1 SpyshotsAll-Electric BMW X1 SpyshotsAll-Electric BMW X1 SpyshotsAll-Electric BMW X1 SpyshotsAll-Electric BMW X1 Spyshots
BMW is not, at the moment, one of the main players on the Electric Vehicle market. As a matter of fact, the German manufacturer is not even a big player on the hybrid segment, offering only a couple of slow selling vehicles in this department.
When BMW signed the collaboration agreement with Toyota, many people questioned their decision. However, today's spyshots might shed some light in this regard.

Toyota is already a key manufacturer in the electrified car segment worldwide. Their Prius is one of the best selling hybrids in the world and plans for the future tell us that we might be seeing a lot more vehicles like this.

This X1 might be a prototype for a future completely Electric CUV. Judging by the fact that the rear bumper lacks exhaust pipes and by the Hybrid stickers on the sides of the car, it's pretty obvious we're not dealing with a 'conventional' Bimmer here.

However, the hybrid stickers might be there just to elude us. After all, a hybrid car suggest using two types of fuel, that's the definition of the word. So, this X1 should either have both an electric motor and an conventional engine or, this isn't a hybrid at all and is just an Electric Vehicle.

Our spy photographers told us that they had the same dilemma and, in order to be sure about it being one way or the other, they waited for the car to leave. Guess what? It's definitely an all-electric vehicle.

This means one of two things: Either this X1 is being used as a mule for another car (the X1 is based on the 3 Series' platform after all), or BMW is planning to release a completely electric X1.

The latter seems more likely and here's why: the X1 is one of the best sellers in the US at the moment. This kind of success took even the BMW Management Board by surprise and they have to take advantage of this new found popularity.

On the other hand, the X1 is a pretty big car and, in order to make it all-electric, they have to develop a brand new technology for it and here's where the deal with Toyota might come in handy, as they already released an EV version of the RAV4.

Overall, this might be attractive, especially for the US market, where Electric Vehicles are pretty popular and their numbers continue to rise.
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