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Spyshots: 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe Spotted While Testing, Expect a Launch Soon

Mercedes-Benz are never resting, judging by the rate at which the Stuttgart brand manages to launch new models, but just like all the other carmakers, their fight takes place on many fronts.
Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe 8 photos
Mercedes-Benz GLC CoupeMercedes-Benz GLC CoupeMercedes-Benz GLC CoupeMercedes-Benz GLC CoupeMercedes-Benz GLC CoupeMercedes-Benz GLC CoupeMercedes-Benz GLC Coupe
One of them is pre-production testing, and Mercedes-Benz's latest soldier is the GLC Coupé, of course, in test-mule iteration, covered by camouflage up front and at the rear.

We spied the GLC Coupé wearing minimal camo before, but this time we're not talking about the same car, despite the fact that the camo covers are placed in the same areas of the mule's outer shell.

We'll start with the obvious and tell you the GLC Coupé takes a lot of styling cues from its bigger peer, the GLE Coupé but is expected to hit the market somewhere in 2016, to challenge the BMW X4.

The pictures you'll see in the photo gallery were taken by our carparazzi near a Mercedes-Benz test center, and from where we're standing, the GLC Coupé looks production ready.

In fact, chances are we're looking at a ready-to-go model in these pictures, as the only thing left for engineers is to apply the finishing touches and fine tune the model's bits and bobs. In case you didn't know, the GLC Coupé has about the same size as the first-generation Mercedes-Benz ML, so practicality should be a pressing issue for buyers.

Moreover, they won't have to complain about the lack of power, since the range-topping version of this hunchback car could be powered by a 367 horsepower 3-liter twin-turbo engine, enough to satisfy even the most demanding buyers out there.

Not to mention a potential GLC 63 AMG might be thrown into the battle, and Mercedes-Benz could easily go down that road. But if it's frugality you're after, you can go for the GLC350 e Coupé will give you that.


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