SpaceX Will Take Two Civilians Around The Moon, They Already Paid a Deposit

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SpaceX has made an exciting announcement, which brings it a few steps closer to its goal of taking people to Mars.
Until a human gets to pay for a trip to the Red Planet, SpaceX has something else for its potential customers. They have just announced plans to fly two citizens on a journey around the moon, and it will happen late next year.

The two civilians are private citizens, and their names have not been specified. We will find out who they are after they get approved for this mission.

SpaceX has announced that the two clients have already paid “a significant deposit” to do a moon mission, but has not disclosed what kind of sum is involved.

As anyone can imagine, paying to go around the moon is more expensive than the priciest “around the world” cruise you can imagine, so the two people who want to do this are billionaires without a financial care in the world.

SpaceX says that the first health and fitness tests will begin later this year, and the training process will begin soon after those are completed. NASA is a key enabler for this mission, SpaceX notes, and this would not have been possible without the agency’s Commercial Crew Program.

According to their press release, SpaceX has other interested parties in embarking on a journey around the moon, so this will probably become a program. Before that happens, SpaceX will launch the Falcon Heavy rocket, which will have its first test flights this summer.

Falcon Heavy offers two-thirds of the thrust of the Saturn V, which is twice as much than any other launch vehicle currently flying. The program will be continued with an automatic mission, which will be a demonstration flight to the International Space Station and back, AND will not have a human crew.

Next year will bring the first manned SpaceX crew to the International Space Station, and things will go commercial from there, with privately crewed missions. Humans have not been this close to the moon in 45 years, and the first who will do it will become the first civilian astronauts ever.

Unfortunately, the advancement of the human race is still hindered by idiots who believe the Earth is flat, and anti-vaxxers also slow progress, so don’t hold your breath for the first low-cost flight around the moon, because we do not think we shall live to see it.

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