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Solar Forest Could Be The Look of Our Future Parking Lots

Whether our future will have a healthy environment or not, depends mostly on ourselves, at least that is what some scientists out there believe. Designer Neville Mars thinks his Solar Forest concept may be just the next step in world’s future parking lots. Envisioned as trees, the EV charging station will juice the car up while also offering the much needed shade we all want on sunny days.
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Solar ForestSolar ForestSolar Forest
As the leader of BURB, the collaborative research platform investigating sustainable urban solutions for the world’s emerging economies, designer Neville Mars has recently conceived a science-fiction-look-alike EV charging station. The photovoltaic parking lot takes the form of an evergreen glade of solar trees, also serving a dual function. It acts as a go-to source for clean renewable energy while also providing a shady spot for cars to park as they charge.

Even though this was not the initial intention, optimizing the heliostatic photovoltaic panels ultimately resulted in their leaflike shape. What is even better, the panels rotate to follow the path of the sun throughout the day, similar to the way sunflowers do, absorbing light thus energy.

According to Mars, Solar Tree is unique among anti-auto pollution designs in that it empathizes with the anthropomorphized automobile, but particularly with the electric car, providing a place where overworked, spent cars to regain their lost torque, to relax beneath the trees and gain back their power in an optimal stress-free environment.

BURB is a project lead by Neville Mars and produced with dedicated teams of architects, planners and scholars that form the Dynamic City Foundation. In case you like this fellow’s idea, you could always check their website for more details.


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