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Short Wheelbase Mercedes GLA 3-Door Is Nifty

Through careful market research and probably the whims of executives, some automakers have given up on 3-door compact cars altogether. Renault, for instance, has given up on the 3-door Clio, while Mercedes has dropped the short 3-door.
GLA 3-door rendering 4 photos
GLA 3-door renderingGLA 3-door renderingGLA 3-door rendering
There's a good reason for this. Nothing ruins the premium feel of a car more than having to squeeze into the back.

So how about this thing? A three-door version of the GLA-Class crossover has been rended by Theophilus Chin. Rather then simply photoshoping a door out, he shortened the wheelbase of the car and added his own design for an immobile rear quarter glass.

Rear door are like a €1,100 option on the Audi A3, €800 on a SEAT Leon – think of the options you could have on your GLA if it were cheaper.

A shorter wheelbase crossover would also be a bit more agile, theoretically better offroad and easier to park in tight spaces.


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