Semi-Rigid Car Concept by Emergent Resembles Living Organisms

A new concept takes shape or should we say grows into shape in Los Angele these days. The concept will be created by an architect firm from L.A., called Emergent. They are planning to achieve a Semi Rigid car (SRC) that would be designed just like the functioning body of a biological organism. It would have limbs, muscles, bones, and it would create its own fuel.

According to Dezeen, the concept car has been designed using high-tech 3D technology, while the metals and glasses in the body of the car have been replaced by synthetic and biological materials in molecular arrangement.

Materials like polymers, rubbers, resins, silicone and cartilage would be used in building the vehicle. The materials used in the building process would range from soft to semi-rigid and rigid thus forming the chassis and skin of the car. Also, tthe thickness of the materials used in the body of the car would vary across the length and width of the vehicle.This would result in the vehicle having variable opacity, meaning that the people sitting inside the car as well as the ones outside, would be able to view the other side of the vehicle.

Use of synthetic and biological material also give the SRC an enhanced capacity to absorb impact forces. In fact, in case of a crash the vehicle would not alter its form but rather absorb the impact, and get back in shape by itself. Currently, this is unthinkable in the metal bodied cars that we see everyday.

As said, this concept would be capable of making its own fuel from algae. LED lighting inside the tanks would insure the photosynthesis meaning that the production of fuel continues even at night.

The doors of this “organic” car would be capable of responding to chemical signals emitted by the owner and would be controlled by tendon like materials which are responsible for muscle movements in living organisms. Now, it is to be seen how this concept develops into something more realistic that can be more eco-friendly and “driver-friendly” at the same time.
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