Seeing the Light at the End of the Tunnel Isn’t Always a Good Thing

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Photo: Longboarding on Reddit
If you’re over 30 years of age, you’ve probably grown up with cartoons like Buggs Bunny and the Looney Tunes, so you know all their tricks. Well, not everybody is born equal, apparently.
One of the first shows that perhaps unwillingly encouraged kids to sympathize with the villain was the one with Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner. Even though one was trying to eat the other and, as a kid, you did not want to see that, you kind of wished the poor Coyote would just give up and go to KFC or something.

But he didn’t, and instead kept on finding his demise in the most painful ways possible. Most of the times, he ended up falling into his own traps.

We have no idea whether the driver of this red Fiat from Argentina was also the one who drew the tunnel on the wall, but if real life is any different from what’s happening in cartoons, we incline to believe he isn’t.

Information about this image is sketchy to say the least, which makes it a fifty-fifty chance that the part with the accident is completely fake. On the other hand, if the Internet has taught us something, is that humanity’s reservoir of stupidity is endless, so we wouldn’t be surprised if what the picture suggests were true.

But you can’t really blame the artist for this. The men were probably amused about a road ending straight into a wall, a scene that brought back memories from the cartoons we’ve talked about earlier. They decided to have some completely innocent fun and draw the entrance of a tunnel. For God’s sake, they even drew the Road Runner standing right next to it. You had to be extremely drunk, distracted or plain stupid not to get the point.

But if the collision did happen, it did so at a very low speed judging from the damage on that little Fiat. The really funny part, though, is that some people actually thought the graffiti artist is to blame here. Oh, when will people learn that stupidity is not a valid excuse for getting away with anything?
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