Honda Civic Coupe Comes Out Surprisingly Fresh After Rough Freight Train Encounter

Honda Civic - train accident 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
There’s this expression that refers to things so horrible, you wouldn’t wish them on your worst enemy. Well, having to see your car get smashed by a colossal freight train should be added to the list.
The feeling of helplessness must be excruciating. The car is perfectly fine, still in running order, it’s just that it got its wheel (or wheels) stuck on the railroad track. It’s not one of those cases of people ignoring the barriers because they’re in a hurry and getting hit. Nope, this man had been trying to move his car off the track for quite some time, but he was unfortunately out of time.

You can see him get out of the car and try to signal the train mechanic, but it was too little, too late. He thinks about making one last try but quickly jumps out of the vehicle, realizing his life is much more important than any car. And then the countless hundreds of tons of that train smash into the poor Honda, taking it along for the ride as if it were nothing more than a leaf.

But the car’s unnatural position actually turned out to be its saving grace. When the train finally managed to stop, the Civic’s wreck was not only perfectly recognizable but also able to move on its own. The two men traveling in the white car climbed into it and parked it somewhere near in the cheers and the occasional laughter of those witnessing the event.

But we’d say the Civic deserves nothing but respect. Also, lesson learned: if a train collision is unavoidable, but you can somehow decide the position of the car, always leave it facing the same way as the train.

According to the man who filmed this - who happens to be Aaron Fechter, the inventor behind the Whac-A-Mole game - talking to Orlando Sentinel on the phone, a lot of drivers mistake the tracks for the North Gertrude Avenue and take the left turn too early, getting stuck in the crossing rails. He says that similar accidents have happened at least half a dozen times in the two decades he’s been there.

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