Seasoned Auto Mechanic Explains How Buying a Toyota Can Save You Money

Are you on the hunt for a new car? Is a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y looking like a deal that cannot be refused? Is a Subaru or a Honda winking at you? Does a Hyundai or a Chevy seem good enough to spend your hard-earned money on? Would you like to help Ford's F-150 remain the best-selling vehicle in America? Pause for a second and think it all over. This well-known mechanic has some ideas for you, and they involve another brand entirely – Toyota.
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Photo: Scotty Kilmer on YouTube
Kilmer's AdviceKilmer's AdviceKilmer's AdviceKilmer's AdviceKilmer's Advice
There's no denying that Toyota as a brand has been associated with reliability for quite some time now. Its simple drivetrain approach and well-designed interiors that put practicality as the top priority helped the Japanese brand establish itself as a dependability champion.

The smart pricing policy also helped. However, Toyota is gearing up for the all-electric era and is not showing any promise. The bZ4X can only dream of reaching Corolla's success levels.

However, Toyota was one of the first legacy automakers to help Tesla out. By now, it must have learned that people like great commuting appliances without burning gas for power. Cheap personal mobility is vital in the US, especially now that we're going through an inflationary environment where everything seems to just get expensive with each passing day.

But this mechanic-turned-YouTuber thinks you can save some dollars for other activities by purchasing a Toyota. For connoisseurs, it's no wonder that his name is Scotty Kilmer. He has been one of Toyota's long-lasting fans and active supporters even when things looked a bit bleak for the brand.

He claims that people who take proper care of their Toyotas can easily drive them for hundreds of thousands of miles, with some reaching even the half-a-million mark without much hassle.

He points out some iconic examples of Toyota owners who got their money's worth by using their Japanese-designed or -made vehicles for business purposes. A man has bought a 2008 Tacoma and still uses it to deliver important products to various businesses. Mike Neil has recently accrued well over 1.5 million miles.

Kilmer's Advice
Photo: Scotty Kilmer on YouTube
Kilmer points out that the owner takes good care of the pickup truck by performing monthly oil changes. However, that quickly becomes unimpressive because both the engine and the transmission have been replaced.

Still, Kilmer gives another example of a 2007 Tundra owner who put over one million miles on the odo of his truck. Victor Shepard was lucky enough to still have the same engine and transmission in the vehicle. That impressed Toyota so much that it decided to gift the man a brand-new Tundra.

The auto mechanic advises those who want long-lasting cars to never skip maintenance and always ensure their cars are well-protected from season changes and other risks like rust.

But even a simple oil change made at the right time could prolong your gas-powered vehicle's life. Another great money-saving habit a car owner should form is checking the vehicle's alignment. That simple operation might stop you from buying tires too often. Toyota's advantage is that it doesn't break the bank when it comes to visiting the shop for a normal check-up.

Sadly, things change when it comes to EVs. The Japanese automaker is still lagging behind other industry players but keeps insisting that hybrids are still good. It might not be wrong!

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