Seabob F5 S Is the Toy You Want to Have With You on Vacation

You like dolphins at the Zoo or even better, do you enjoy wimming in the ocean? Well, with the latest watersports toy you could actually be one whenever you hit the water. The Seabob F5 S lets you fly through - and under - the water with speed while still keeping things under control.
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Seabob F5 SSeabob F5 SSeabob F5 SSeabob F5 SSeabob F5 SSeabob F5 S
It might look like an expensive toy for the rich folks out there that continuously need to spend their money on new gadgets whether it’s practical or not, but once you’ll read about this device you might just change your mind. Built by German-based company Cayago, the Seabob F5 S it’s a new sporty version that bests its old but heavy flagship, the 64 kg F7.

Their latest model weighs 35 kg (15 lbs) and it demonstrates outstanding performance on the surface of the water and when diving at the same time. Owing to its allegedly high degree of handling, the Seabob F5 S can be used in both small and large pool complexes. Steering is extremely easy and it’s done by shifting your body weight in any direction.

And don’t you worry about the environment because this watersports toy has a zero impact on nature and it’s 100% emission free. The device is propelled through a patented F5 E-Jet Power System that works according to the principle of water displacement. In other words, water is sucked in the jet channel under high pressure and pushes the Seabob in superior fashion.

Seabob is able to dive up to 40 meters (131-feet) but it’s locked on 2.5 meters and only a personal pin code will unlock it. As to the power it works on, Seabob F5 S has waterproof charging socket placed on top and it needs only 90 minutes to charge. Over water it can reach up to 20 km/h (12mph), while underwater it tops 14 km/h (8.6 mph). It’s battery lasts for an hour, which is about enough time for you to get tired.

For the last part of our little presentation we left the price, because it always hurts the most, doesn’t it. Well, it’s priced at EUR 10,000 ($ 13,383), but honestly, it’s cooler than the average jet ski.

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