Scary CCTV Footage Shows How Reckless Australia’s "Coupler Riding" Really Is

Scary CCTV Footage Shows How Reckless Australia’s "Coupler Riding" Really Is 1 photo
Photo: 7News
It’s been years since the first pictures with teens riding between carriages and its couplers have emerged in Australia. It’s one extreme sport authorities will not agree with, but that somehow still manages to interest teenagers that have an awkward urge to take things to the limit.
People used to surf, skydive, parachute jump or other adrenaline offering activities. What happened to that stuff? Riding trams on the outside is as dangerous as it is amusing.

After all, it’s more than obvious it’s a dangerous stunt that can have a fatal ending. Some foolish punks still find it amusing since new images taken with these daredevils emerge. The footage captured by CCTV cameras was recently released and shows commuters boarding a train when one passenger jumps off and decides to ride on the outside, thus risking his life.

It’s been a thing in Australia and authorities are constantly warning that the behaviour is incredibly reckless, dangerous and...well, stupid. “It’s a one-way ticket to death, paralysis, or amputation,” Transport Minister Andrew Constance said, according to 7News. Apparently it all started years ago when youths were riding illegally on the back of Melbourne trains to spray paint on driver’s windscreens.

The trend is not just extremely dangerous since it also claimed lives in Melbourne, where a young carpenter was electrocuted when he hit overhead wires. While the government claims further measures will be applied, trespassing on secure areas already includes fines of up to Australian Dollar 5,500 ($4,334) and jail time.

So here we were, thinking that some adrenaline junkies take things to the limit with their cars when things seem to get a lot more nuts in the other part of the world.

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