Russian Pedestrians Are the Luckiest and Most Agile in the World

Russian Pedestrians Are the Luckiest and Most Agile in the World 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
Sit down, take a huge gasp of air and make sure you can't fall over. I say that because this next crash video will leave you dazed and breathless at the thought that one day this could happen to you.
This next accident involves your typical Russian intersection, filled with overeager drivers who are more than willing to bend or break every rule in the book. It's not just their fault though, as traffic is horrible these streets and junctions weren't really designed to cope with so much flow.

On the right of the video, you have a black sedan, probably an old E-Class, who misjudges distances and makes a left turn straight into the path of two other cars. These then both ram it in the side and push the Mercedes through a fence and into the direction of three female pedestrians.

However, instead of getting hit, all three get out of the way with the agility and alertness of a wild feline. One of them could have been hit in the forehead by metal debris, but considering this crash could have caused her life-threatening injuries, even she should be considered lucky.

We can only try to imagine the sort of conversation going on between them after this incident:

- Hey Svetlana, are you OK?
- Da Anastasia, good thing Igor made me take that Systema class last year, I know how to avoid suicide bombers, knife throwers and incoming cars.
- Yeah, me too. What an idiot this Mercedes driver is, we should ask the mafia to take care of him.

Editor's note: Three young Russian women, one of them wearing a tight skirt and high heel boots, easily manage to get out of the way of cars traveling at high speed… Explain that!

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