Rocket-Powered Bicycle Does 263 KM/H

Rocket-Powered Bicycle Does 263 KM/H
So, you've only got a bicycle and dream that one day you could take on those tough boys revving up their Ninjas around the neighborhood... Your day gas come, just give Frenchman François Gissy a call and he'll tell you what to do, for, you see, he's just become the fastest bicycle rider in the world.
Of course, you need to do some modifications to the bike, and install a rocket engine: François chose a Swiss one manufactured by Exotic Thermo Engineering, running on liquid hydrogen peroxide. Yes, the one you can get at the corner drugstore, only way more concentrated: 90 % versus the 3% in the convenience store bottles.

The engine breaks the peroxide (H2O2) down at high temperatures and generates high-temperature steam, so this is not the kind of tinkering you'd do in your backyard. The process happens at 650 F (343 Celsius) and it's obvious that toying around with rocket engines is not exactly the safest way for non-professionals.

While the previous landspeed record was around 150 mph (242.6 km/h), François Gissy and the Swiss rocket-guys managed to pull a nice 163+ mph (263 km/h), changing the books and opening a new door for the thrill seekers. And yes, it looks like the Ninja guys will no longer be a concern for François Gissy. Talk about rocket science...

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