Red Bull's 900 HP Trophy Truck Gets Lowered to the Ground in This Brutal Render

Before anybody questions the sanity of the render we're here to show you, allow us to point out that the sheer idea of a Trophy Truck isn't exactly normal. With that out of the way, allow us to introduce you a digital contraption that might just seem totally pointless.
Red Bull's 900 HP Trophy Truck Gets Lowered to the Ground: Render 1 photo
The Red Bull terrain tamed that gets hooned by Bryce Menzies packs no less than 900 hp, being used for all sorts of stunts, including some that are extremely... three-dimensional - check out the clip at the bottom of the page to see what happens when the said athlete gets to put this machine through its paces using a ramp-containing environment.

At first, it might appear that Yasid Oozeear, the artist behind this pixel play, is determined to reduce the truck to a machine that can only play 2D games.

However, the 1s and 0s wielder doesn't talk about such confinement when describing the render on his Facebook page: "Yesterday someone pointed out that he always wondered how a dropped Trophy Truck would look. Red Bull Motorsports / Bryce Menzies's beast. I did not want to do anything much to it, I did not think it needed it. So here's a 30 mins quick mock-up,"

This means we are left with at least two potential scenarios. The first would have to do with the vehicle being parked on a planet whose gravity reaches monumental values.

As for the second, which seems a little more likely, this involves an air suspension, which could allow the four-wheeled contraption to play the low-riding game at such an extreme game.

Oh, and by the way, the jump displayed in the video below made for a Guinness World Record, with Bryce pulling an official distance of no less than 301 feet, while the unofficial number sits at 332. And these numbers, which were achieved last August, are as real as they get.


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