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RC Toyota Hilux 4X4 Goes Off-roading in the Mud, Does a Hell of a Job

Toyota's game in the pickup truck and SUV niche has always been top shelf as far as we're concerned. Whether it's the Hilux, the Tacoma, the current Land Cruiser or the vintage FJ40 offroaders, these babies were made to scar muddy roads, fight the worst terrains and still come out on top.
Toyota Hilux RC Car Offroad 1 photo
But how about an RC car that replicates one of these iconic models? Would it possess the same offroading skills as its real-size counterparts?

The answer is yes, and comes from a video we stumbled upon on YouTube while looking for awesome stuff to share with you. Long story short, an RC Toyota Hilux RC4WD Trail Finder 2 nicknamed "Blue Beater" goes mudding, and it does its job like a pro.

The car's run on the muddy terrain is, in fact, a test session for its tires, as the one who posted the video explains in the description. But although the mighty RC Hilux makes everything looks easy, you should know the car received a bunch of upgrades to help it in its endeavor.

Therefore, the vehicle was fitted with an all steel drive line, a custom suspension setup and a long list of waterproof components, such as a Spektrum receiver and a 35t brushed motor.

We don't know about you, but we are fascinated to see these small off-roaders in action. One reason for this is due to the fact that they are entirely moddable, and there are a lot of "aftermarket" components available for them.

Also, think about all the risky things you could do with them, which you won't dare to try on your full-scale pickup truck or SUV. Speaking of risky stuff, feel free to head below for the embedded video, and be amazed at how well this RC car handles those puddles of mud.


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