Prada Now “Hired” to Improve Hyundai's Appeal

Some people state that Hyundai's models never looked good while others think that the recently launched Genesis is one of the most attractive models in its line-up. However, one thing is sure: Hyundai aims to increase their appeal and “hired” Italian fashion house Prada to help them. The South Korean carmaker teamed up with Prada for the creation of three special edition Genesis sedans said to “combine the best technology and industrial design with quality materials, craftsmanship and an innovative new approach aimed at creating a new driving experience.”

The first model created by the Hyundai-Prada alliance will be unveiled in 2009 at the Seoul Motor Show and then displayed at Hyundai Motor Company's headquarters in the same city. The other two models will be especially designed to be auctioned by Prada Transformer, a special campaign set up by the Italian fashion house to raise money for various charities.

"We've made a name for ourselves as a quality automaker, and are now focusing on raising our brand image," said James Choi, Hyundai Motor's President of International Sales. "We are extremely delighted that Prada, one of the best and most innovative luxury goods brands, has agreed to work with us and infuse their creative energy into our products."

Officials of the two companies did not provide too many details regarding the special Genesis models but what we do know is that the upcoming vehicles will feature Italian leather and will be available at steepish prices (no comment on the second statement because it's all about charity, so higher prices means more money for donations).


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