Porsche Museum Celebrates 1 Year of Existence

On Sunday, the 31th of January 2009 the Porsche museum in Stuttgart, Germany will celebrate its first birthday. And the exhibition has plenty of reasons to celebrate. Since the public opening, on January 31st 2009, 530,000 automotive pilgrims have come to see the company’s history in real metal. Well, some of them might have been laic mothers accompanying their kids, as Porsche has developed a special range of activities for children (they can also visit the museum for free if they are 14 years old and supervised by an adult) but let’s not mention that.

Some of them felt that they needed Porsche pastorship and so 2,555 guided tours have been registered. Others have preferred more nonclerical things - 12,326 grilled stakes have been served at the Cristophorus Restaurant (now this is an unusual statistic coming from a German manufacturer).

In its first 365 days our Museum has developed into a truly dynamic and living enterprise. In many respects we have significantly exceeded even our own ambitious expectations”, said Achim Stejskal, the Director of the Porsche Museum.

The celebration has a very appealing program. Visitors will have the opportunity to go behind the scenes in the otherwise public-forbidden mechanics’ sanctuary, the Museum Workshop. They will be able too see how historical Porsche cars are being resurrected. A Porsche 911 speedster will offer itself for visitors’ seating, thus creating a unique photographic opportunity.

Motorsport believers will receive one hour of special care, as Porsche works driver Marc Lied will be answering questions and give autographs. The recently introduced Porsche 911 GT3 R, one of the company’s most important racing missionaries for 2010, will be presented to the public by a racing engineer. People who attend the event will also witness the wonder of racing data gathering.

Let the children come to the event! A Porsche Cinema has been specially developed to capture children’s imagination (if you ask us this seems more like a marketing gimmick).

We will even be starting our cars regularly on this special day both in the Exhibition and in the Museum Workshop – really a unique experience in sound”, adds Museum Director Achim Stejskal.

The veneration starts Sunday, the 31 of January at 9:00 and ends 9 hours later.


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