Porsche Makes Official Public Statement about Nick Murray’s 911

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Promote new cars, promote old cars with heritage, promote racing – that’s basically all that Porsche’s official Facebook page is ever used. That all changed some minutes ago, when the company made an official statement about one of the most controversial customer care problems that’s ever hit the net, Nick Murray’s broken 911 Carrera S, or as we know it, the Nine-A-Lemon.

Here’s what the company said: “Thank you everyone for responding to Mr. Murray's video. We appreciate your passion and our community's drive for excellent customer service. We at Porsche have always sought excellence in all that we do. We know you expect it of us. And when we don't meet that standard, we make every effort to improve. We want you to know we’ve offered to repurchase or replace Mr. Murray’s car, and we hope we can reignite his passion for Porsche.”

“Sorry” is never said, but it’s definitely implied and even though this won’t silence the critics, it should at least relieve the anger of the brand’s fans, all 7.2 million of them on Facebook, us included.

Nick has also posted a new video just moments ago in which he says Porsche North America has indeed offered to either give him his money back or another car just like the one he’s bought. It’s a really touching 8-minute video, which clearly shows the New Zealander has been stressed by the whole ordeal. But now that the problem is solved, Nick is actually thinking about owning another 911 from them and says he never wanted the brand to be damaged. This from a true fan who’s test driven all their models is not surprising at all!

So it sounds like the Germans really can “reignite his passion for Porsche”, but could there be a bigger underlying problem with the company? We want to hear what you guys think!

Editor’s note: Here’s something we never noticed about Nick’s car. It’s got a purple circle thing on the back. Could it be? Yes, he plays Zerg in Starcraft. Heart of the Swarm, baby!

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