Porsche Carrera GT POV Clip Makes Us Want to Play NFS Porsche Unleashed Again

Porsche Carrera GT POV 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
This clip, apart from being absolutely awesome, brought back so many memories dating almost 15 years when one of the greatest driving games of all time was launched.
I'm talking about the famous Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed, without a doubt the best game in the NFS franchise and one of the best driving experiences you can have in front of a computer's screen. If you haven't played it and you're put off by those three letters in front, give it a try, it's different than what NFS stands for now. The graphics might be dated, but the gameplay is still there.

But enough with the game and back to the real world where there's a guy driving a Porsche Carrera GT with a video camera stuck on his head. The fact the car is question has straight pipes, as the title suggests, is just a detail.

A detail that takes away some of the car's natural elegance and gives it a dose of arrogance, but enough to off-balance that classy Porsche feel. The road this lucky guy drives the Carrera GT isn't exactly the perfect fit for the car - it's too narrow and, most of all, a little too straight - and there also seem to be quite a few houses on the side.

Since it's not his car, he doesn't push it too far taking it slow through corners and never going higher than third. The wonderful sound of the 5.7-liter (349.8 cu-in) naturally-aspirated V10 engine is masked by the raucous exhaust once the revs go higher, but he never really goes that close to the 8,400 rpm redline.

He doesn't really have to, as the full torque of the engine (435 lb-ft or 590 Nm) is available as low as 5,800 rpm, but the maximum 612 horsepower does come at 8,000 rpm.

But enough talking. We'll leave you to enjoy this POV video in one of the most underrated hypercars and certainly the strangest modern Porsche, apart from the new 918 Spyder.

And, for comparison (the Carrera GT didn't exist then):
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