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Porsche 918, Cayenne and Panamera Hybrids Go Down Corkscrew to Thank Electricity

Porsche has just released a clip that, among others, shows Zuffenhausen's hybrid line-up having a bit of a Laguna Seca moment.
Porsche 918, Cayenne and Panamera Hybrids Go Down Corkscrew 1 photo
The 918 Spyder, together with the S-E Hybrid incarnations of the Cayenne and the Panamera go down the Corkscrew together in a setup that will stay with us for a while.

This time around, Porsche doesn't salute time travelers. Instead, the aim of the video is to pave the way for the automaker's future EVs, with the Germans going ahead and thanking electricity for quite a lot of achievements, some of which are not connected to four-wheeled contraptions.

Now, before we say anything that would stand in the way of a brilliant introduction for the Mission E's production version, we need to remember one thing: how many people greeted the Cayenne when it was first launched.

Even those who didn't point their fingers at the jacked-up Porsche for being far from a sportscar didn't exactly accept it for what it was. In fact, many of them were pleased with the idea that the Cayenne would allow Porsche to keep producing legends such as the Neunelfer in the future.

However, nowadays, when society has embraced SUVs, there are enough people who adore the Cayenne for simply being the sportiest SUV you can buy in a showroom today.

By now, you can see where the story is going. We're not going to hide the fact that we'd choose suck-squeeze-bang-blow over whatever sounds EVs make without blinking.

But since we can't avoid the industry altogether and Porsche in particular returning to the electron business that powered the Lohner-Porsche back in 1900, we might as well go ahead and embrace the contraption Zuffenhausen is working on.

For one thing, it will be interesting to see how the German carmaker, which has always relied on its record racing experience for building enticing street cars, will manage to make due without such a motorsport record when building the production Mission E.

So we can probably thank Porsche in advance when it comes to this one.

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