Polish RC Enthusiast Builds WWII German Heavy Tank Out of Lego

Polish RC Enthusiast Builds Lego WWII German Heavy Tank 1 photo
Photo: Sariel's LEGO® Technic Den YouTube account
The Germans were renown for their tank fleets and some even believe they were the ones to make the best during World Word II. Developed late in the strife, the Tiger B was a heavy tank used in combat during the Normandy campaign and on the Eastern Front. Less than 500 units were ever built and a lot less survived until today, which makes it quite difficult to recreate an accurate scale model.
Yet, Polish RC enthusiast Sariel managed to find a way to make a really smart Lego toy. Not only is it very compactl and impressively manufactured, but it even is motorized and can be remote-controlled as an regular RC vehicle.

Unlike its predecessor, the Tiger I, the King (which by the way is a mistranslation of the German designation Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. B) had a powerful turret rotation motor. At top speed full rotation took just 10 seconds. Sariel’s tank also comes with a motorized barrel and rotatable turret, which makes the toy even closer to the actual thing.

The size of the Lego tank is quite impressive, since the whole build is really tiny and compact - 4 inches wide and 8 inches long (10 cm wide and 20 cm long).

As to the actual war machine, there are a couple of details worth mentioning

For instance, we bet you didn’t know that the Tiger II heavy tank could have been designed by Porsche if his unorthodox designs would have been favored by the German army. Two heavy tank design contracts were awarded, one to Henschel and the second to Porsche. The first eventually won.

The near 70 metric ton machine was powered by the same 690 horsepower V12 Maybach HL 230 P30 which moved the much lighter Panther and Tiger I tanks, meaning it was under-powered, like many other heavy tanks of World War II. This came with a big tactical disadvantage since it meant they consumed a lot of fuel, that the Germans were already lacking.

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