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Pirelli Shows Spa Francochamps Experience in 3D

Pirelli has just released a video in which they explain how, where and by how much their tires are put to the test around the demanding Belgian Grand Prix circuit, at Spa Francochamps. The video shows what an F1 race is like from the viewpoint of the tire manufacturer.
Mario Isola, Racing Manager at Pirelli, explains each of the difficult corners in turn, showing how each corner affects which tire and in what way. At one point, as the car goes through ‘Radillon Eau Rouge’, each of the front tires must withstand up to one ton each - two tons on the front axle, that is!

It is an interesting perspective, and one which may get you to see F1 in a new way. Tires are hugely important in any kind of wheeled vehicle, but in F1 they are more than important - they are crucial.


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