Pink Supermoto Girl Stuck on 5 Feet of Ice

We know we shouldn't be laughing at out female fellow riders, but it's rarely an evil thing; at least we here at Autoevolution, have never been bashing riding ladies. However, form time to time, we stumble upon some movies which are as funny as they are hard to understand.
Now, winter riding and running into an icy portion of the road might be a troublesome event, and most riders in their right mind would at least venture extremely carefully on such a road.

But there's a huge distance between slowly letting the clutch go and helping one's advance with the feet and remaining almost stranded on a couple of feet of ice in the middle of the road. And by stranded we mean really kicking the stand and getting off the bike, and then slowly pushing the bike inch by inch after some perimetric checking.

The girl needs some more training when it comes to riding in adverse conditions, or else leaving the garage during winter looks more like asking for it. See, we did not bash! And not even a single word on the color of the bike!
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