One More Idiot Driver Almost Killing a Rider

One More Idiot Driver Almost Killing a Rider 1 photo
We're sorry to say this, but one of these days some driver is really going to get it... the very nasty way. It's the kind of idiot driver who doesn't give a damn on the simplest, most elementary road safety regulations, such as... keep to your friggin' side of the road!
Watch these 2 videos, and imagine you were the rider. Or in case you don't ride, imagine your son, or daughter, or your brother and his daughter were on the bike. Some ride, isn't it? For all those bike-haters out there, don't even think of starting the "rider was speeding" BS, because this would only prove how ignorant you are.

This was not a matter of speed, it was a matter of simply not being an ignorant ass, that's it. Luckily enough, the rider had no time to make any maneuver and this saved his life. But honestly, the laughter and mumbling inside the truck are really asking for some medieval actions.

Hopefully the police get the bastard and fine him dearly. It's the least they could do, in case the law does not allow them to cancel his driving license. Idiots...

Rider POV

Idiot POV
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