One Does Not Simply Ride the Ninja 300

Learning how to turn and lean is probably the most important things when it comes to riding a motorcycle. Failing to get the necessary skills will result in a crash, and sometimes, this kind of insufficiently-trained riders will not be that lucky to walk away.
The guy in this video approached the turn a bit too fast, but not too fast to really crash. All he should have done was lean and keep on throttling, knowing that the harder the acceleration, the more you can lean into the curve.

Braking was definitely one of the worst ideas, and he most likely decided to brake because he got scared, deathgripped the bars and looked at the rail guard instead of looking into the curve.

More experienced riders know that the bike usually follows the sight, but this is a trained instinct and here we are at the starting grid: going out on the roads with insufficient training. Lucky, lucky, lucky... him for walking away and his fellow for the extremely close shave.


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