Offbeat: VW Golfs Are Like Expenisve Razors

Golf 6 1 photo
Photo: Volkswagen
The Golf 6. It's not a bad looking car, but if a Mk7 pulls up, you suddenly get the urge to tar and feather mister Six for looking dull. But how have they done that? We remember when the new compact came out last year that we thought it looked exactly the same. Half a year has passed and it's like comparing 40YO whiskey and yesterday's stale beer.
The changes that seemed subtle and insignificant at first have turned out to be crucial. You can't have a 2011 Golf and be truly happy with it, not entirely, which is bad considering what you payed.

This will sound strange, but Golfs are like those top-shelf razors with batteries in the handle that vibrate. What, you don't have the latest Gillette Fusion ProGlide with aloe, a built-in radio and early pimple detection? The old Mach 2 razor will get you from point A to point B in total comfort and without scraping your skin, but it's so boring with its lack of a vibrating handle, only three cutting blades and no blade on top for the hair right under your nostrils. Toss it! Toss it in the trash and get a new one!

Look at your Golf 6. Now back at the Golf 7. Now back at the Golf 6. Sadly, it isn't a Golf 7. But it could be if you spent a whole lot of money. True (but sad) story!

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