Nurburgring Oil Spill Causes Crash Chaos, Racing Turns Demolition Derby

There are a ton of reasons for which the Nurburgring deserves its Green Hell nickname, with fluid spills probably being the biggest threat a driver lapping the infamous German circuit could face. And when such an unfortunate incident takes place during a VLN event, the racing pace means it can easily turn the velocity gathering into a Demolition Derby moment.
Nurburgring Oil Spill Causes Crash Chaos 4 photos
Nurburgring Oil Spill Causes Crash ChaosNurburgring Oil Spill Causes Crash ChaosNurburgring Oil Spill Causes Crash Chaos
Case in point with the VLN race that took place yesterday, which led to one of the worst multi-car Ring accidents we've seen in quite a while.

Since cars belonging to difference classes shared the track, the reliability issues of older machines once again ruined the fun for everybody.

To be more precise, the trouble seems to have kicked off with an Opel Manta that started loosing fluids on the Foxhole. The ailing racecar was towed away, with a maintenance truck throwing binding agent onto the track.

However, it seems like the actions of the track officials weren't enough, as it didn't take long before chaos ensued. A Volkswagen Pollo, a Volkswagen Corado, a Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport, as well as a 997-generation Porsche 911 were ruined in the monster accident.

However, the list of those who were affected by the crash is much longer. For instance, plenty of racecars were forced to driver over debris, which can obviously cause punctures.

Truth be told, there's not that much some of the drivers could've done to avoid the trouble. In theory, it's all simple, as one has to keep an eye out for the marshals waving the yellow or red flags. However, when you're focused on flying from one rumble-strip to another as quickly as possible and have to handle your passes, things become much more complicated.

Fortunately, the reports coming from the Ring mention that nobody was injured in the accidents that ruined the race.

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