Nobody Will Be Doubting the Sharpness of the Tools in the World's Fastest Shed

We're ashamed to say it, but we can't wait for retirement. It's not that we don't like to work (or, at least, it's not just that), but these stories make you think that once you don't have to worry about income anymore, you'll be able to come up with ridiculous but cool stuff such as this shed on wheels.
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At 51, Kevin Nicks isn't exactly retired, though, but he is the kind of man who enjoys using tools to tinker with things. He was a mechanic and a gardener, and now he's somehow found a way to combine his two passions into one: building a motorized shed.

Kevin lives in a small village just two miles from Chipping Norton, in Oxfordshire, UK. It took him seven months to complete this project, but nobody was suspecting anything, since everybody knew Mr. Nicks owned a rather old Volkswagen Passat he was constantly working on. And, indeed, it was the 16-year-old VW that Kevin was making himself busy with, but not in the way everyone expected.

It took him seven months and a £5,000 (nearly €6,500) investment to complete his plan, but in the end he did come out with a drivable shed. But it's not just that it can move around, it can do so with aplomb. By shed standards, at least.

Kevin took the wood-covered Passat to a private airfield in York where his boxy vehicle registered a top speed of 70.8 mph (114 km/h), enough to get the title of the world's fastest shed. And don't think that all it had to do was show up because nobody was crazy enough to record the speed of a shed before, because you'd be wrong. In fact, the previous best achievement belonged to a guy you might have heard of: Ed China, the mechanic half of the Wheeler Dealers UK TV show. His shed, however, only managed to do 58.4 mph (94 km/h).

The Daily Mail tells us that Kevin's creation also turned out to be his next business. Companies wanted to advertise on the world's fastest shed, because having your name on it is the quickest way to go viral: people are always flocking to take shots of the vehicle, and we all know what happens to pictures these days.

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