Nobody Loves Volkswagens Anymore, Golf Mk II Rallycross Rollover Crash

It’s a hard time to be a Volkswagen owner. It won’t be long until people start pointing fingers on the street, and then, who knows, maybe we’ll even witness a bit of witch hunting going on.
Volkswagen Golf Mk II 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
But that doesn’t mean everybody driving a Volkswagen (whether it’s diesel or not makes little to no difference) should lock the car in a garage, away from the prying eyes of the bloodthirsty eco-vigilantes until even the last fumes of this Dieselgate scandal had gone away.

Hopefully, people will be smart enough to vent their anger at the company itself, and not at the poor souls who got tricked into buying the cars they were promised would have very good emission ratings.

Sure, there will be those hating on Volkswagen who will seize the opportunity and come up with stickers saying things like “my other car is a Volkswagen, but you can’t see it ‘cause it’s surrounded by a thick cloud of black smoke” or something, but they will be few and eventually they will get tired of it and move on to something more useful.

And then, there’s motorsport. On the big scale, Volkswagen was rumored to be pondering entering Formula One, even though the rumors themselves were unclear on the exact brand the VW Group was going to use in its high-speed racing foray.

On the smaller scale, though, there are people who still use older Volkswagen cars for different types of low-key racing. Like this green (the irony, right?) Volkswagen Golf Mk II you can see in the video below.

The cars are lined up on the Circuit Duivelsberg Maasmechelen, waiting for the start. A Mk I Golf quickly jumps in front, but its younger brother isn’t as lucky and tries to block the two cars behind it coming into the first corner. Bad move in a racing series where the low value of the cars makes bumping and crashing into each other ordinary occurrences.

What happens next will give those Volkswagen haters something to cheer for, so press that play button and have your thirst for vengeance quenched.

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