No One Gets Left Behind - This Is One Dedicated (but also lousy) Bus Driver

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Good but bad driverGood but bad driverGood but bad driver
This bus driver must have been a US Marine in a previous life because he really was willing to risk everything just to make sure one passenger got to climb aboard.
Most bus drivers act like they hate their job and, above all, like they hate the passengers. Ask one to open the doors elsewhere than at a bus stop, and at best they will ignore you, if not laugh in your face. Other times, they will look in the mirror as you scramble to catch the bus, and then close the doors when you're three feet away and take off. As for slowing down when going through puddles that could spray nearby pedestrians, don't even think about it.

But their frustration isn't most likely caused by the people they ferry around, but by the other drivers. A big, usually slow vehicle is a nuisance for smaller cars, so they will do everything they can to prevent it from getting in front. Which is a douchebag move, if you ask us, because it means putting you ahead of the tens of people who ride inside on that bus.

But not all bus drivers are the same. Some are extremely dedicated and love doing their job. That doesn't necessarily mean they're very good at it, though. Take this man for example. He's cruising down the road at regular speed when a man wearing a denim jacket decides he wants to get on. He sits back and only makes himself visible as the bus is a few feet away.

If you look at the asphalt, you can see why: it's probably raining and he doesn't want to get wet. The bus driver sees the man and, with zero consideration toward the other passengers, slams on the brakes and pulls right. The wet asphalt makes the rear end slide out, so he loses control.

The denim guy sees the behemoth approaching, so instantly turns into George Costanza in that fire alarm scene and pushes the woman out of the way so he can get to safety. The bus hits the building, but since it's not a very sturdy structure, it seems to come out of it OK.

It's very clear who the villain is here (hey, at least he didn't get wet), but it's just as obvious who's the hero. We hope the bus driver did not get into too much trouble for his excessive kindness - he may have poor judgement in certain situations, but he's definitely a nice guy.

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