Nissan Teatro for Dayz Concept Is what Happens when You Listen to the Young Ones

Look, when our parents used to say "listen to me, I'm older and I know better," they were on to something. They actually had a point. We cursed them back then and demanded explanations, but now we know they were right.
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Photo: Nissan
So why should anyone design a car based on what kids that are just about to take their driving license think? Have you watched them lately? Yeah, we know it's hard, since during all the time spent with their eyes open, they have a phone held up in their faces.

Well, because in a few year's time they will make up the bulk of car buyers, and no carmaker really has a product specifically tailored for them. Nissan calls this generation the "share natives", and we're still trying to figure out if that's a little offensive or not.

What they will most definitely not find offensive is the Teatro for Dayz Concept, an electric vehicle only loosely based on the Nissan Dayz, as the name would suggest. Instead, the new concept was conceived as a "blank canvas" onto which the "share natives" could express their personality.

Obviously, they were talking about a digital canvas, as most of the interior (dashboard, headrest and seats) is covered in display surfaces. Apart from the steering wheel - which is pretty weird looking itself - the interior of the Teatro for Dayz Concept looks nothing like what you would expect from a car.

The exterior isn't exactly what you would call conventional either, as there are LED panels there that can tell the world stuff like your battery charge level and who knows what else.

Nissan even goes as far as to call the Teatro for Dayz a giant mobile battery, meaning that the car can be viewed now simply as a charging point for your mobile devices that also happens to function as a transportation device. I don't know how others feel about this, but if I were a car, I would feel slightly offended.

We're still a short time away from the Tokyo Motor Show launch, but expect a lot of more oddities to show up there as the Japanese are famous for this. We'll also bring you more info on the Nissan Teatro for Dayz once it becomes available. Until then, enjoy your non-sharing native status.
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