New Zealand Anti-Speeding Campaign Shows How Your Speed Affects Others

Most drivers speed on a daily basis. Unless you happen to live in a country where they take away your car and throw your kids in jail if you're caught one mile pe hour over the limit, then you probably step on that accelerator pedal more than you should.
New Zealand anti-speeding campaign 4 photos
New Zealand anti-speeding campaignNew Zealand anti-speeding campaignNew Zealand anti-speeding campaign
If you're reading this and you're shaking your head in disapproval thinking "oh no, not me." then allow me to take my hands off the keyboard and start a very non-sarcastic slow round of applause. You, sir (or, most likely, ma'am) represent a dying breed of drivers that is probably about to go extinct. If you ask me, a breeding and preservation program wouldn't be out of place, but others might find the idea a bit insulting. I have no idea why - it didn't seem to bother the giant pandas.

The New Zealand Transport Agency is fighting for the same cause, but it has taken a different approach. Its idea is to increase the number of those who drive more cautiously (i.e. by the rules) by converting those who are currently misbehaving, and to achieve this goal, it has just released a 30-second commercial spot.

Generally speaking, successful advertising follows two main recipes: one is that of humor, and the other goes for the emotional approach. You can't really convince people to give up speeding by making them laugh, so the New Zealand Transport Agency (let's call it NZTA from now on, shall we?) chose the second option.

Without being overly dramatic, we think the short video hits you right where it should. Of course, you will probably forget all about it the moment you get in your car, but prolonged exposure might yield better results. It is built around the idea that "when you speed, you put that speed on the people around you," and is essentially a literal interpretation of that. But sometimes, the simplest solutions work the best.


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