New Zealand Ad Provides an Insight into the Mind of a Pothead at the Wheel

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When we read DUI (driving under the influence), we usually think "alcohol," but booze isn't always the culprit. There are lots of other substances that can make our brains unable of operating a vehicle safely while making us believe the exact opposite is true.
We're not going to go into more detail, but you know what these substances are. Some of them are smuggled from South America, others are brought in from Afghanistan, and others are cooked right here by ex-chemistry teachers suffering from cancer. But no matter how diverse, they have one thing in common, and that's their ability to mess with our heads in ways that are not compatible with driving.

New Zealand is apparently dealing with this problem - or it's trying to nip it right in the bud - as it has released a series of video commercials that address the issue. This type of ads usually go for the shocking or emotional approach, as it's a very serious subject that can't be trivialized. The New Zealand Transport Agency, however, seems to be a little more relaxed, as instead of giving us crack-heads gore, they chose to take things a bit lightly and poke some fun at some potheads instead.

The two commercials feature the same footage, and it's only the voiceover that differs. They both relate the thoughts that go through the minds of the two protagonists as one of them is driving while the other is doing all sorts of things with his food, except eating it. The first was released about two months ago and it features the voice of Kiwi (born Chilean) comedian Cori Gonzalez Macuer, with the second published on the Internet no sooner than today.

Despite the better credentials, the initial one isn't that amusing, so we've reversed the order below, starting with the better version. Besides teaching you not to drive while stoned, it's also quite useful in dealing with a smelly friend. The solution is as follows: wait for his birthday and get him a deodorant, a bar of soap, and a necklace that is actually a car deodorizer. These junkies may not know how to drive, but they sure are great at solving awkward social problems.

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