New Mirage Superyacht Turns Invisible From a Distance

When extremely rich, people seem to come to the conclusion that they would pay anything for at least a tiny bit of anonymity. Mirage, a new superyacht that promises to become invisible at a distance, might be the solution for that.
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Photo: Van Geest Designs
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The new concept yacht is a collaboration between Van Geest Designs and Italian boatbuilders Fincantieri, and took one year just to design. It will take another three and a half years to be build, but when it’s complete, it will probably sell for around £200 million, The Mirror estimates.

If the price tag ends up being accurate, the Mirage will become one of the top 10 most expensive yachts in the world. And it will offer something others don't: complete privacy from prying eyes.

The Mirage is covered is mirrored glass, which has a double effect: from a distance larger than 50 meters, it makes the boat almost invisible; to those who travel on it, it creates the impression they’re floating on air, thanks to the many reflective surfaces.

The yacht will come equipped with a helipad, an outdoor theater and cinema, a pool and a spa, so whoever will board it will do for more than just the promise of apparent invisibility. It weighs 4,200 tons and will be able to accommodate 14 guests and a 29-strong crew, while traveling at 19 knots.

As designer Pieter Van Geest explains, the biggest challenge in designing it was coming up with the materials that would allow it to blend into the environment.

“The longest part was researching the reflective glass and how it would be built,” he explains, as cited by the publication. “The main reason in designing this yacht was to make something that belonged to its environment. Most yachts nowadays stand out and break the horizon or the landscape, in a way, we have tried to minimize this effect.”

“All the vertical panels on the yacht will have this finish. If you were on the water it would probably be invisible from over 50 meters away,” Van Geest continues. “If you are on the yacht itself the mirror will project the yacht's surroundings, so in a way, it will give you a floating on air effect when onboard.”

The mirrored glass is made by a German manufacturer and has never been used on yachts before. Van Geest refused to offer an estimate for the price tag the Mirage would eventually go on the market with.

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