New Ferrari Enzo Performance to Match Bugati Veyron's

Rumor has it that the Ferrari Enzo’s replacement will be very similar to the Bugatti Veyron hypercar.

“The world is a very different place to how it was when the Enzo was launched. It has moved on completely. And we are Ferrari – we do not take part to make up the numbers," sources from within the company were quoted as saying by Autocar.

The replacement for the Enzo will probably arrive in 2012 or 2013 and could be powered by a twin-turbo direct-injection V8 engine which is very similar to the legendary F40 engine.

The Enzo featured a 6.0 L V12 engine capable of developing 485kW (650 hp) and a lot of technology from Formula 1. The supercar with its carbonfibre body, F1 gearbox and ceramic brakes is pretty much an F1 car with two seats and headlights. Enzo is full of advanced technology such as active aerodynamics and race focused traction control system.

The replacement for the Enzo will have a difficult job to surpass the current Enzo and outclass the Bugatti Veyron. To do so, it is believed the new performance machine will gain a lot of horse power compared to the 650 hp of the Enzo.

Every time a new hypersports car arrives on the scene, it rewrites all the laws in the hypercar books and at the same time it makes other models in its class look like ordinary automobiles. Enzo’s replacement will without any doubt do so and probably the new model will be fitted with technologies that future Ferrari models will incorporate.

One particular technology that the Italian automaker is developing is active aerodynamics which pumps air out through the body to influence the way airflows over and under the car's bodywork.
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