NASA Wants Astronaut Faces on Cereal Boxes

How would you feel if future NASA mission will be sponsored by corporations? How does “Mars 2020 – a mission brought to you by Coca-Cola” sound? How would you like it if an astronaut would do a bit of product placement by biting into a KitKat while taking off in the Crew Dragon?
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Well, we just might live long enough to see all that happening. Like all those with a passion for space exploration know, NASA is a bit strapped for cash. Not because they don’t have money, but because they invested in so many projects that much more is needed to see them through.

NASA would also like to see more young people applying to become astronauts. For some reason, there are some in the agency that believe shooting rockets into space on live streaming or posting pics of an astronaut’s life on social media is not incentive enough for those young people to pursue this career path.

Jim Bridenstine, the first ever elected official to serve as NASA administrator, believes turning astronauts into basketball stars is the way to go. He said as much during last week’s Advisory Council meeting.

“My children can tell you all of the players on the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team, or all of the players on the Houston Rockets,” he was quoted as saying by The Space Review.

“I’d like to see kids growing up, instead of wanting to be a professional sports star, I’d like to see them growing up wanting to be a NASA astronaut.”

“I’d like to see, maybe one day, NASA astronauts on the cover of a cereal box.”

And he’s serious about it too. His team is already looking into giving astronauts the chance to pursue suitable commercial endorsements “and other media opportunities.”

Truth be told, this revived space age we are living in does not get all the credit it deserves. Nor are the people working in space for a living. And with all the rockets flying all over the place, millions should flock to NASA’s gates.

Yet they don’t. Maybe a Nike sign scribbled on the Moon would change that.


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